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Podcast – Mould in Rental Housing: Health Effects and Intersectoral Approaches

In this training podcast, an affected community member details her experience with mould in a rental unit and other presenters discuss, from public health and legal perspectives, how a family physician may facilitate help for an affected patient. Intended for Physicians, the podcast will be of interest to health and social providers, tenants and landlords.

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Guide for Tenants/Patients Living with Mould

This user-friendly guide offers practical tips for tenants/patients experiencing health concerns related to mould in their home. It describes how to identify mould-related symptoms, suggests ways that a doctor can help get the mould problem fixed, and lists myth-busting facts about mould and mould clean-up.

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Guide for Physicians and sample letter: Supporting patients with health effects related to mould.

Are you a physician with patients whose health is affected by mould? This guide provides a sample physician’s letter intended to help patients/tenants get mould in their rental units remediated, plus tips for connecting patients with local support services.

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