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RentSafe research:

Lessons from a rural housing crisis

RentSafe Survey of Municipal Bylaw Enforcement & Property Standards Officers Summary Report

We Are All Neighbours: RentSafe Final Report

Towards equity-focused intersectoral practice (EquIP) in children’s environmental health and housing: the transformational story of RentSafe

Towards Healthy Housing for all: RentSafe summary and recommendations

RentSafe Public Health Unit Survey: Summary Report

RentSafe Legal Aid Survey – Summary Report

RentSafe Survey of Small-Scale Landlords: Summary Report

RentSafe Survey of Small-Scale Landlords: Poster presentation

RentSafe Background Paper on Housing-related Health Risks

RentSafe events:

Understanding Hoarding in Rental Housing

RentSafe in Owen Sound Roundtable

RentSafe – McGill housing conference

Tenant Involved Strategies for Achieving Health Equity

RentSafe Roundtable Summary Report

RentSafe Tenant Advocates Retreat Summary

Summary of Meeting of the RentSafe Advisory Committee

RentSafe guides, videos and tools:

RentSafe in Owen Sound video: Housing Issues? We’re Here to Help

Hoarding resources collection

  1. Webinar recording: Understanding Hoarding in Rental Housing
  2. Resources for Landlords: Supporting tenants with clutter and/or hoarding difficulties

Mould resources collection

  1. Mould Expert Report: Health Impacts of Indoor Dampness and Mould and Effective Remediation and Prevention Strategies
  2. Guide for Tenants/Patients Living with Mould
  3. Guide for Physicians and Sample Letter: Supporting patients with health effects related to mould
  4. Podcast – Mould in Rental Housing: Health Effects and Intersectoral Approaches

RentSafe video – Home

RentSafe video – Frontline Connections: Supporting Tenants’ Rights to Healthy Housing

RentSafe video – Stigma in the System

RentSafe video – Defining Adequate

Rentsafe video –  My voice is power

RentSafe tool – RentSafe Connector Step-by-step Guide

RentSafe tool – RentSafe Connector live sample

Project info:

RentSafe Update (June 2017)

RentSafe Update (April 2016)

RentSafe Advisory Committee